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We publish two cycle promotion books: Bike Easyand Bike Healthy.


Bike Healthy: How Cycling Will Help You Look Good, Feel Good and Quite Possibly Live Longer was published in 2015. It’s the book for anyone who wants to be fitter, stronger, slimmer and less stressed. It explains how one of the world’s simplest and most affordable vehicles – the bicycle – can change lives.

Bike Healthy is the book for fit people who simply want to get more out of their cycling and stay in a good shape. It’s for people who are planning to improve their health. It’s the book for people with a medical condition who’ve been advised to take more exercise. Whatever the reader’s needs and aspirations there’s expert help and advice in Bike Healthy.

If your job involves helping people live healthier, more active lives you should add Bike Healthy to your tool-kit. You’ll find it’s a valuable resource that helps inform and motivate your target audience.

Content includes…

We supply local authorities, agencies such as the NHS and universities with bulk orders of Bike Healthy for as little as £1.25 per copy. Please contact us for more information.

Want a single copy? Bike Healthy retails at £6.50. But you can buy a copy here for just £5.00 (post free!)

Bike_Easy_GenericBike Easy: Top Tips & Expert Advice for the New Cyclist is an easy to use guide specially written for new and returning cyclists – and for all those people who are thinking of giving cycling a try. Originally published in 2008, a new, completely updated edition of Bike Easy was published in 2014.

Bike Easy contains 105 tips and bite-size nuggets of advice. Bike Easy answers the questions that new cyclists often ask… What sort of bike should I buy? Where’s the best place to buy a bike?  How do I get my kids cycling? How do I stop my bike being stolen? Where are the best places to cycle? How do I cope if the bike breaks down?  Is cycling to work a realistic option for me? What help and support is available? Bike Easy covers all these topics and much more. It’s full of simple, practical guidance.

Content includes:

Bike Easy is easy to read – so it gets read!  You can dip in and out, or read it cover to cover. Bike Easy is deliberately jargon free – so it’s easy to understand. There’s no gobbledygook or techno-babble.  Instead, it’s written in plain English in a refreshingly light-hearted style. Bike Easy is comprehensive. It covers all the topics likely to affect a new or a returning cyclist, from how to buy the right bike and get comfortable riding it, through to simple adjustments and maintenance that a novice can do without tools.

Blackpool edition of Bike Easy

Bike Easy: Blackpool edition

Councils and government agencies across the UK are using the book in innovative ways. In Swindon the council’s business engagement team gives free copies of Bike Easy to people who start cycling to work.  In London the book is one of the promotional materials being used as part of the NHS Cycling Strategy supported by the Mayor’s office. In Cheshire  and in Warrington a copy of the book is awarded to everyone who completes their Level 2 Bikeability training. In Leeds it is part of the publicity campaign that supports the city council’s ambitious LSTF programme.


Bike Easy: Northumberland edition

The regular edition retails at £6.50 but for local authorities and agencies such as the NHS we can supply Bike Easy in bulk (100-plus copies) for as little as £1.25 a copy. You can even commission a custom edition of Bike Easy with a  specially designed cover front and rear, plus your logo or other branding. If you want, we can also add an extra chapter all about cycling initiatives in your area such as new routes, the best rides, bike shops, training, bike recycling, cycle hire, and other sources of help, support and encouragement that you provide.

We compile the content of the additional chapter. It is written and submitted to you to be amended or signed off. The cover is designed (it may be a drawing or it can be a montage of photographs of your area.) Your special edition then goes to press. The whole process takes about four weeks. For more information please get in touch.

Want a single copy? Bike Easy retails at £6.50. But you can buy a copy here for just £5.00 (post free!)