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About us

ParkThatBike is a small, highly professional consultancy specialising in cycle parking initiatives. We help busy cycling officers, travel planners, programme managers, and highway engineers by taking on some of their workload. We specialise in the operation of schemes that provide secure and convenient cycle parking.

img_4046-2ParkThatBike was founded by Peter Andrews in 2009. A lifelong environmentalist and seven-day-a-week bike user, Peter has worked professionally in cycling since 1996. He has set up and managed various initiatives to encourage everyday cycling. These include training programmes, cycle maintenance courses and bike to work projects. In 2001 he was part of the working group that developed a new and exciting form of cycle skills training designed to meet modern-day needs. This is now being rolled out nationally as Bikeability. Peter is the author of three books on cycling issues and is a regular contributor to cycle conferences, workshops and seminars.

Peter is a recognised authority on cycle parking and has overseen literally thousands of installations at community groups, schools, public buildings, and employers both large and small.

ParkThatBike is an ethical business with a low carbon footprint and an unshakeable commitment to environmental good practice. Cycling, needless to say, is a way of life.

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